Water Leaks

At S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, we have extensive Water Leak experience.

We Repair Water Leaks Fast 

Not addressing even a small water leak can be a huge mistake. Undetected water leaks can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, causing extensive and costly damage. Whether you have a faucet that won’t stop dripping or a more serious leak somewhere else, S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting is ready to respond. 

We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing in case you have a major leak when it’s the least convenient!

Common Causes of Water Leaks

There are a variety of issues that can lead to water leaks appearing in homes and commercial properties, including:

  • Faulty Plumbing Pipes and Joints - Blockages or cracks in pipes, improperly soldered copper joints, broken PVC cement seals, corrosion at threaded intersections or loose fittings account for many leaks we see. Any breach allows water to escape pipework.
  • Malfunctioning Appliances/Fixtures - Dishwashers, washing machines, hot water heaters and other appliances hooked to water lines develop internal leaks over time. Faucets and shower heads also trigger leaks.
  • Ground Shifts Affecting Piping - Settling foundation soil, earthquakes in some regions and processes like nearby construction can shift ground enough to twist or disjoint pipelines.
  • Age Related Deterioration - Old steel, iron and galvanised piping corrodes internally after decades enabling water to seep through the weakened walls.
  • High Water Pressure Damage - Excess water pressure spikes can stress and rupture pipe seams and poorly secured compression fittings and connections. Leaks commonly form at elbows and tees experiencing added shear forces and vibration.

As top leak detection specialists we rapidly track down the root causes of water escaping to define solutions for permanent repairs.

Signs of a Water Leak

There are some clear signs that water is escaping pipes lurking behind walls or under floors. 

Common signs include:

  • Increased Utility Bills - Unusually high water bills point to major undiscovered leaks draining gallons of water.
  • Musty Smells - Escaping water permeating porous construction materials like drywall and wood emit distinct damp, moldy odours.
  • Property Damage - Over time leaks create conditions primed for mold, rot and destabilised foundations shown through cracking walls, doors that stick and detached tiles.
  • Pooling Water - Water collecting where it shouldn't on the ground around a home’s perimeter hints at underground pipe fractures.
  • Appliance Malfunctions - Loss of water pressure affecting clothes washers and dishwasher functioning can mean internal leaks.
  • Dripping or Running Water - Visible water accumulating under sinks, wet carpet areas and constant dripping at joints clearly indicates active plumbing breaches needing repair.

If you notice any of these signs, contact us right away to inspect and pinpoint the source of the problem before further damage occurs. 

How We Fix Water Leaks

Once we uncover the source of the leak, a rigorous repair process is followed to ensure it’s resolved quickly and permanently.

  1. Pinpoint Leak Location - Using advanced acoustic detectors and underground video cameras, we isolate the exact position of the breach, be it pipe joints, valves, appliances etc.
  2. Assess Damage Scope - Before addressing the leak, we detail surrounding impact across walls, foundations and belongings to outline comprehensive fixes.
  3. Pipe Replacement or Epoxy Sealing  - For severe piping corrosion and fractures we replace damaged sections. Minor leaks can often be sealed with industrial grade epoxy injections.
  4. Confirm Leak Elimination - Once repairs are finished, thorough testing using elevated water pressure confirms no water is still escaping from the fixed areas or peripherally impacted pipes.

If you’re dealing with a suspected leak, don’t wait! Reach out to us today for immediate help. 

We fix Water Leaks Brisbane wide!

The team at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting are locally-owned and we fix Water Leaks Brisbane wide.

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Water Leak FAQs

Are there early prevention steps I can take?

Regular plumbing inspections and maintenance are the most proactive steps you can take to prevent leaks.

Can very small pinhole pipe leaks seal and resolve themselves?

No, in fact pinhole leaks stemming from corrosion will continue decaying the pipe wall, causing substantially more damage over time if not addressed promptly.

Is it better to fully replace old piping over targeting specific leaks?

In properties with very aged galvanised, cast iron or failing PVC networks with recurring issues, full re-piping improves functionality and averts future problems more cost effectively long term than isolated repairs.

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