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Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing in Brisbane

Hot water poses a dangerous scald risk - especially for vulnerable groups like children, elderly and the disabled. Temperatures over 45°C can cause severe third-degree burns in just seconds!

That's why Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs) are a critical safety device installed in high-risk establishments like aged care centers, schools, respite facilities and more.

TMVs automatically blend hot and cold water to ensure a safe outlet temperature below 45°C. This prevents accidental scalding and ensures compliance with plumbing regulations. To keep TMVs functioning properly, Australian Standard AS4032.3 mandates annual testing. For TMV testing, maintenance or repairs, trust the licensed team at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting for commercial plumbing in Brisbane. We ensure this lifesaving technology is working perfectly 365 days a year.

Our TMV Testing & Maintenance Process

Our plumbing technicians follow a comprehensive process to thoroughly test and service your TMV units:

  1. Visual Inspection - We closely inspect the external valve for any damage, wear and tear or issues with fittings and pipes. All components must be in sound condition.
  2. Water Temperature Testing - Using precision digital thermometers, we test the output water temperature at multiple outlets (showers, taps etc.) The temperature must register below the 45°C threshold at all points to prevent scalds.
  3. Failsafe Mechanism Testing - We isolate and shut off the hot and cold feeds individually to confirm failsafe assemblies continue providing tempered water preventing dangerous temperature spikes or cold shock.
  4. Disassembly, Cleaning and Component Replacement - Your valve is professionally disassembled, scaled and cleaned to maintain peak performance. We replace O rings, seals, actuators and any damaged parts with new genuine components.
  5. Compliance Report - Once testing is complete, you receive our detailed report documenting:
    • Outlets serviced and temperature readings
    • Valve locations, makes/models
    • Defects found and parts replaced
    • Confirmation of AS4032.3 compliance

Reduce Legionella Bacteria Risks

Thermostatic mixing valves play an important role in minimising Legionella proliferation in water systems. Legionella bacteria can multiply rapidly in stagnant water between 20–50°C. This puts certain facilities at high risk of legionella infection outbreaks.

When TMVs fail, hot water temperature can spike above 50°C – a legionella “growth zone”. Malfunctioning tempering valves also increase stagnant piping zones when failsafe mechanisms activate. To inhibit legionella, TMVs maintain constant water turnover at controlled output temperatures outside bacteria multiplication ranges. Our rigorous annual TMV testing ensures devices are working optimally to provide temperature-regulated water flow 365 days a year.

Warning Signs Your Thermostatic Mixing Valve Needs Service

Watch for these signs your TMV requires emergency service or testing:

Scalding Hot Water - Excessively hot water at taps, showers or appliances indicates the mixing valve fails to temper water properly. Scald risk demands immediate response. We identify the underlying issue from worn seals to incorrect temperature presets.

Sudden Cold Water Flow - Random cold water may signal the TMV's critical failsafe mechanisms have been triggered. The cold shock risk means isolating and servicing the valve without delay to restore safe functioning.

Visible External Damage - Corrosion, bending of pipes, loose components or broken handles often signify internal valve wear and potential failure. The earlier we can service valves showing exterior damage, the better.

Noisy Operation - Clanging, buzzing or whistling sounds point to problems with valve components, likely interfering with water blending. We troubleshoot unusual TMV noises during thorough testing.

Spiking Utility Bills - An inability to correctly regulate water temperature boosts energy consumption as heating constantly cycles on/off. We identify and address the root cause to restore efficiency.

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The team at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting are locally-owned and we do TMV Testing  Brisbane wide.

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TMV Testing FAQs

Why test TMVs annually?

Australian Standard AS4032.3 requires all commercial TMVs be tested every 12 months to ensure correct and safe functioning as well as prevent Legionella bacteria proliferation.

What facilities need annual TMV testing?

High-risk facilities with vulnerable occupants including hospitals, schools, childcare centers, nursing homes, sporting facilities, public pools and shopping centers.

Can any plumber perform TMV testing?

No, only licensed plumbers with specific thermostatic mixing valve qualifications and training can legally carry out testing and maintenance.

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