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Kitchen Sink Replacement in Brisbane

Is your kitchen sink old, stained, or damaged? At S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, we specialise in sink installation to refresh your space. As licensed plumbing experts, we handle the entire replacement process including removal of your old sink, modifications to existing cabinetry, securing new mounting hardware, connecting drainage pipes and supply lines, and testing for leaks.

The result? A beautiful new sink you’ll love. 

New Kitchen Sinks We Install

Whatever style you’re envisioning, our residential and commercial plumbing experts offer experienced installation for any type of sink including:

Stainless steel sinks

Durable, stylish, and scratch-resistant.

Enameled cast iron

Classic look with sound deadening mass.

Composite granite sinks

Heat/stain resistant composite material.

Undermount sinks

Seamless counter integration, easy wipe-downs.

Farmhouse/apron front sinks

Exposed front panel sits on top of cabinet counter.

Double bowl sinks

Extra basin capacity and multitasking.

Along with new sinks, we can also install new faucets, soap dispensers, filtration systems, and garbage disposals. 

Signs It’s Time for a Sink Upgrade 

While nothing needs to be wrong to upgrade your sink to a more stylish, modern option – here are some signs it might be time to switch it out:

  1. Frequent clogs and slow drainageIf your sink is always getting clogged up and water drains slowly, this could indicate buildup in the pipes that may require replacing old pipes under the sink.
  2. Rust and corrosion Check underneath and along the edges of your stainless steel sink for rust spots or corrosion. This can happen over years of use and exposure to water and chemicals.
  3. Stains that won't go away If you have stubborn stains from food, grease or minerals that you can't scrub out, the sink's finish may be worn out beyond repair.
  4. Cracks or chips in the enamel Enamel sinks can develop small cracks and chips over time allowing water to seep in causing more extensive damage.
  5. WarpingExcessive heat or weight placed on a sink over many years can lead to warping of the basin shape causing drainage issues.
  6. Noisy operation Older sinks tend to become noisy as mounting hardware and pipes underneath loosen up from wear and tear and start to rattle when water runs.
  7. Outdated look If your kitchen has been updated but the old sink remains, completing the new look with a modern sink replacement can make sense.
  8. Need for greater functionalityIf you need a deeper basin, different shape, more basins, or added features like a drainage board, your existing sink may be limiting usage.

Kitchen Sink Replacement Process

When we replace your kitchen sink, our process includes:

  • Inspection of your existing sink, faucet, cabinetry, water supply lines, and P-trap setup
  • Detaching and removal of old sink without damage to surrounding surfaces
  • Modifications to cabinetry like drilling holes or cutting away portions to accommodate new sink basins
  • Securing mounting clips, anchors, brackets per the sink model
  • Careful lowering and alignment of new sink centered within the counter opening
  • Re-attachment of drain pipes, trap assemblies and tailpieces to align with sink drain holes
  • Connection of water supply lines to faucet inlets with minimal excess tubing
  • Confirming secure fittings, checking for leaks and test operating faucet/drainage
  • Clean up of work area - we treat your home with care

We do Kitchen Sink Installation Brisbane wide!

The team at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting are locally-owned and we do Kitchen Sink Installation Brisbane wide.

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Sink Installation FAQs

What types of sinks do you install?

We professionally install all kinds of sinks including stainless steel, porcelain, enamel, composite granite, copper, and more. We can advise on the best options for your kitchen or bathroom space.

Do existing countertops need to be replaced when installing a new sink?

Often existing countertop openings can be modified to accommodate new sink cutouts and dimensions. We inspect and advise if a countertop needs replacement.

How do you finish around the edges of an undermount sink?

We apply colour-matched silicone caulk for clean lines between underside of countertops and top sink edges.

How long does sink installation take?

The project timeline can range from 3-6 hours depending on complexity, any needed cabinet modifications, etc.

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