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The team at S&J Plumbing are experienced plumbers and gasfitters working throughout Wavell Heights. We offer services to all residential and commercial clients. Whether you need help with a blocked drain or a plumbing emergency, our team provides friendly and reliable help.

Residential Plumber Wavell Heights

The plumbing systems in your home work hard every single day. When you need your taps and drains to work properly, you can rely on S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting to help. Our experienced team is available across Wavell Heights. We provide a wide range of residential plumbing services. No job is too big or too small for our teams. We carry a large selection of tools and spare parts, so we’re typically able to repair your issue on the spot. Some of the residential plumbing services we offer include:

  • Hot water system repair and maintenance

  • Blocked drain clearing

  • Household plumbing maintenance

  • Toilet repairs and replacement

  • No-dig burst pipe repairs

  • Roof and gutter plumbing

  • Gasfitting

Contact our plumbers in Wavell Heights for help with any issues you’re experiencing. We’re happy to assist with everything from leaky taps to plumbing work for renovations, so we’re always available with the services you need.

Contact a Wavell Heights Plumber

S&J plumbing turned up when we needed a quick response when our tap broke , they gave fantastic advice and I'm very happy with the 1/4 turn taps they recommend. We couldn't be happier with Martin's work, thank you S&J.

Gerrtia Brown

24/7 Emergency Plumber Wavell Heights

Plumbing problems always happen at the worst times. If you need help on the weekend or in the middle of the night, our emergency plumbers in Wavell Heights can come to you quickly. We’re available at any time of the day or night to visit your property and fix any issues you’re having. Our 24/7 emergency plumbers are available to all residential and commercial clients in Wavell Heights. We provide emergency assistance with:

  • Hot water repairs
  • Blocked drain clearing
  • Burst pipe repairs
  • Gas leak detection

Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous. If you notice signs that your gas fittings are leaking, switch off the gas supply if it’s safe to do so, then contact our Wavell Heights plumbers immediately.

Sean & James from S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting
Sean from S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting

Blocked Drain Clearing Wavell Heights

Simple blocked drains have the potential to turn into a major hassle. Left unchecked, a blocked drain can cause serious water damage to your property. To prevent that, S&J Plumbing offers blocked drain clearing services throughout Wavell Heights. Our experienced team comes equipped with a range of water jetters, sewer machines and drain snakes that allow us to clear most types of blockages remotely. If you’re experiencing a blocked pipe or a sink that’s slow to drain, get in touch with us as soon as you have the chance.
The S&J team is typically able to clear blockages with our specialty equipment. Sometimes though, blockages are caused by things like collapsed pipes, and they require more thorough repairs. For stubborn blockages, we recommend using no-dig repair wherever possible. Using CCTV inspection cameras we can locate the source of the problem and come up with a suitable solution. In many cases our Wavell Heights plumbers can use remote patching and relining kits to repair the blockage without the need for excavation.

Hot Water Repairs Wavell Heights

It’s easy to take your hot water system for granted. It runs in the background all day, and you only take notice when it stops working. If you’ve woken up and discovered there’s no hot water for your shower, talk to S&J Plumbing. We’re hot water experts, and we can help with hot water repairs, servicing, maintenance and installation. As professional plumbers and gasfitters, we’re licensed to work with all electric, gas and solar-powered hot water systems.
Hot water systems are just like the other appliances in your home – they need regular servicing to keep them in top condition. While it’s a good idea to have your system checked once a year, you should keep an eye out for signs of trouble between maintenance appointments. Symptoms like leaks in the system, rust-coloured water and uneven water temperatures are all warning signs of a bigger problem. If you’d like to avoid the hassle and expense of replacing your hot water system, contact our Wavell Heights plumbers at the first sign of trouble.

James from S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting

Looking for a reliable Wavell Heights Plumber?

The team at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting are locally-owned and based in Brisbane, servicing Wavell Heights and surrounding suburbs.

What makes us Different

Why Choose Us?

Local Business

S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting are a locally-owned Brisbane-based business with more than 20 years experience in the industry servicing Wavell Heights and surrounding suburbs. 

Master Plumbers

All of our plumbers are members of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland. Add to that over 20 years experience in the plumbing industry and you can be sure you are getting the best service in Brisbane.

Hot Water Specialists

Our experience Wavell Heights plumbers are experts in all hot water systems and have not come across an issue they couldn't fix.

Blocked Drain Specialists

Blocked drains are a common nuisance when it comes to plumbing systems. At S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to clear an drain to ensure you have free-flowing plumbing system.

24hr Service

Plumbing issues don't care if it is 10am in the morning or 11pm at night, and sometimes those issues need to be fixed ASAP. The Wavell Heights team at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact Us today.

Honest Upfront Pricing

There are no hidden fees when it comes to working with S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting. All of our work is priced up front and if issues arise that were not expected, we work with you to get the best possible outcome.

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S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting works with residential and commercial clients throughout Wavell Heights. We help with all types of plumbing problems, from leaky taps to major installations, and our fast, friendly services are always available. You can contact us online to make a booking with our team, or phone us directly if you need 24/7 emergency plumbing services.