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At S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, we have extensive pipe repair experience.

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As a home or business owner, running water and effective drainage are critical to your day-to-day life. And fortunately, that’s what we specialise in at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting. We offer exceptional residential and commercial plumbing services – and that’s why we have a 5-star average rating on Google. Whatever issues you may be dealing with related to your pipes, we have the expertise to properly diagnose and resolve the issue fast. 

Whether you need a routine service or have a major plumbing emergency, call us for an estimate today. 

Innovative Trenchless Pipe Repair

Traditional pipe repair methods require comprehensive excavation which is not only inconvenient but costly. We utilise a more modern “no dig” approach.  Depending on the nature and extent of the damage, we may recommend solutions like pipe relining, pipe patching, or, in some cases, full pipe replacement.

Our popular pipe patching technique addresses only the damaged section, ensuring a precise, efficient, and cost-effective fix. This targeted, no-dig strategy has plenty of advantages:

  • Affordability: With no need for large-scale excavation, costs are majorly reduced.
  • Efficiency: Being able to focus on the problematic section ensures quicker repair times.
  • Durability: Our repair materials are designed to stand the test of time and are highly durable.

What Causes Pipe Damage?

Even your pipes are not immune to potential mishaps. Knowledge of what leads to damage can help prevent future issues. Some causes of deterioration include: 

  • Tree root invasion: Trees and shrubs seek moisture and often infiltrate pipes, leading to blockages.
  • Natural wear and tear: Pipes degrade over time, especially if they’re made of older materials.
  • Ground movement: Shifts in the ground can cause pipes to fracture or break.
  • Corrosion: Older metal pipes can corrode and lead to leaks & weak spots.
  • Extreme temperatures: Rapid freezing and thawing can cause pipes to crack.
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The team at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting are locally-owned and based in Brisbane, servicing all surrounding suburbs.

How Does Pipe Patching Work?

Pipe patching involves repairing damaged sections of the plumbing system without needing to repair or replace large sections. It begins with an inspection with a CCTV camera to pinpoint the exact location of the damage. Once identified, a specially designed patch coated with resin is introduced into the pipe and positioned over the damaged area. This patch is then inflated and held in place until the resin hardens, effectively sealing the damaged section. This method not only saves time and money but also minimises disruption to the property.

Pipe Repair FAQs

What are the common signs that a pipe needs repair?

Common signs include reduced water pressure, discolored water, damp spots on walls or floors, a spike in water bills, and frequent clogs.

Is pipe relining or patching as durable as traditional pipe replacement?

Yes, pipe relining can be just as durable as replacing the pipe. In many cases, the repaired pipe section can last for decades and may even strengthen the existing pipe.

How can I prevent tree roots from damaging my pipes?

Regularly inspect and clear your pipes, consider root barriers, and choose tree species that are less likely to invade pipes when landscaping.

How long does a pipe patch last?

With professional installation, a pipe patch can last for several decades, often matching or even exceeding the lifespan of regular pipes.

Does pipe patching work for all types of pipes?

Pipe patching can be used for most pipe materials including PVC, clay, cast iron, and concrete. However, it depends on the damage extent and the pipe's overall condition.

Can pipe patching address large holes or only small cracks?

Pipe patching can handle both small cracks and larger holes. The key is ensuring that the patch fully covers the damaged area and seals it effectively.

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