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What Is an Instant Hot Water System?

Also known as tankless or continuous flow systems, an instant hot water system does not require a tank that stores water. It provides heated water instantly. 

Advantages of a tankless water heater:

  • Lower energy bills – save energy by not having a water tank that needs to stay heated constantly
  • Fits in small areas like apartments 
  • Hot water on demand – no waiting for a tank to reheat water
  • Longer lifespan than a traditional water heater 
  • Great for larger families
  • Gas and electric options available 
  • Eco-friendly 

How Does an Instant Hot Water System Work?

Instant hot water systems operate differently from conventional storage tank water heaters. They heat water directly as it passes through the unit, rather than heating and storing hot water in a tank.

An instant hot water heater has three main components:

  • Heat exchanger - This is a copper coil that incoming cold water passes through. Gas burners or electric heating elements heat the coil, rapidly transferring heat to the water.
  • Flow sensor - The flow sensor detects when a hot water tap is turned on and signals the unit to start heating. When the tap is turned off, it stops the heating process.
  • Computer board - A computer controls the heating operation, sensors, safety features, and diagnostics. It monitors incoming water temperature and adjusts heating to maintain the preset output temperature.

Cold water travels through the tightly coiled heat exchanger. As it passes the hot coil walls, thermal conduction instantly heats the water to the target temperature. The water is rapidly heated on demand rather than being stored hot in a tank.

An on-demand design means you never run out of hot water. The system provides a constant supply at the temperature you set, activating only when you need it. This saves energy and reduces water wastage compared to conventional systems.

Common Repairs for Tankless Systems

Even though instant hot water systems are very reliable, they can develop some issues over time if they aren’t properly maintained and may need repairs like: 

  • Flow sensor cleaning - Mineral buildup on the flow sensor can prevent it from detecting water flow. We descale and clean flow sensors. 
  • Pump servicing - Stuck closed or leaking relief valves are a safety hazard. Our experts can repair or replace malfunctioning PRVs.
  • Gas valve and burner repairs - Defective gas valves and clogged/damaged burners can affect heating. The gas system components may need to be serviced. 

Heat exchanger flushing - Scale accumulation in the heat exchanger coils can reduce heating efficiency. We flush and descale heat exchangers.

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Instant Hot Water Systems FAQs

How long does an instant hot water system last?

With proper maintenance, these systems can last 10 years or more, which is longer than most conventional water heaters.

What maintenance is needed for a tankless hot water heater?

Annual servicing would include a comprehensive system check and cleaning the inlet & air filters.

Can an instant hot water system run out of hot water?

No – hot water is produced on demand and it doesn’t rely on a tank to heat and store water.

How do you determine what size system I need for my home?

We figure out your water usage based on your family size and number of fixtures in the home. For example, a family of four on average will need a 26 LPM system.

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