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Instant Hot Water From Your Tap, Whenever You Need It

S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting is a leading plumber and hot water specialist in Brisbane. We handle professional installation, maintenance, and repair services for all top brands of instant boiling water taps. These convenient systems offer filtered boiling water straight from your kitchen or bathroom tap–perfect for busy homes and offices needing hot water on demand.

Our fully licensed plumbers handle reputable brands like Zip HydroTap, InSinkErator, Billi and more. We’re committed to exceptional workmanship and service so that you’ll never choose another plumber but us! Get in contact today for an estimate.

How Do Instant Hot Water Dispensers Work?

Instant boiling hot water taps are connected to a small under-sink water heater unit that heats water on demand. Here is an overview of the key components and operation:

Tap Dispenser - The tap is installed on your sink or benchtop. It is connected to the water supply and under-sink heater unit. The tap has an activated carbon filter that removes contaminants as water passes through. Dispensing buttons allow you to portion out boiling or ambient water safely.

Under-sink Water Heater - This mini tankless hot water heater rapidly heats water as needed. It has elements that heat water to boiling point as it travels to the tap. The unit has sensors and heating controls managed by an electronic computer board.

Water Filter - Inside the tap housing is a replaceable filter cartridge. Water passes through the filter before heating. The filter improves water taste and quality by removing sediment and contaminants.

When the tap's boiling water button is pressed, water flows through the filter then into the under-sink heater unit. Sensors detect flow and the heating elements activate. Within seconds, filtered boiling water flows from the tap - ready for instant use in cooking, drinks or cleaning!

Benefits of Instant Hot Water Taps

Instant boiling water taps offer hot water instantly, saving you time waiting for the kettle or stove. Key benefits:

  • Endless supply of boiling water
  • Energy efficient - only heats what you need
  • Safe tamper-proof dispenser
  • Sleek space-saving design
  • Filtered water for better taste
  • Faster cooking and beverage prep
  • Perfect for offices, kitchens, workshops etc.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Repairs

If you have a boiling water tap system and it’s giving you trouble, we are experts in diagnosing problems and performing repairs. Common issues include:

  • Dripping/leaking taps or valves - We can replace cartridges and O-rings to fix persistent leaks.
  • Faulty child-lock or safety functions - Malfunctioning safety features put children at risk of scalds. We fix any issues with locks, buttons or auto shut-offs.
  • Error codes on digital displays - Error codes indicate a specific component failure. We troubleshoot boards, sensors, valves and elements.
  • Problems with under-sink mini water heater units - From scale buildup reducing flow to electrical faults, we service all makes and models of small hot water heaters.
  • Filter cartridge issues affecting water taste/flow - We can replace used filter cartridges affecting water quality and check tubing.

With offices in both North and South Brisbane, S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting offers speedy service you can always count on. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied, or we’ll make it right.

We service Instant Hot Water Systems Brisbane wide!

The team at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting are locally-owned and we service Instant Hot Water Systems Brisbane wide.

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Instant Hot Water Dispenser FAQs

What temperature water do hot water taps supply?

Most systems have an inbuilt thermostat that heats water to just below boiling point of 100°C for safety. Typical output temperatures are 98°C.

What type of water filtration is used?

Instant hot water dispensers have an internal activated carbon filter that removes contaminants like sediment and chlorine for better tasting drinking water and to minimise scale buildup in heater coils.

Does a plumber need to install my system?

Yes, a licensed plumber is required to handle the installation safely including connecting to water lines, gas/electricity as well as meeting compliance standards. We are fully certified to install all leading brands.

What maintenance is required?

Replacement filter cartridges are needed every 6-12 months depending on water quality, and annual servicing should be scheduled to check parts and ensure a maximum lifespan.

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