Gas Stove Installation

At S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, we have extensive Gas Stove Installation experience.

Reliable Gas Stove & Oven Installation in Brisbane

As Brisbane’s top-rated gas appliance experts, our certified plumbing and gasfitting technicians are prepared to handle hassle-free installation for your gas stove or oven. We are experienced in installing models from top brands in both residential and commercial spaces.

Residential Gas Range Installation

S&J offers full installation services for all models of:

  • Freestanding Gas Cookers - Stylish statement centerpieces with flexible placement. Models catering to culinary enthusiasts or more cost-conscious cooks.
  • Slide-In Gas Ranges - Sleek built-in look for contemporary kitchens with fronts sized to match existing cabinetry. Save space without sacrificing features.
  • Modular Gas Cooktops - Customisable mix and match components like grills, griddles allowing tailored professional-style set ups.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Gas Appliances - From luxury built-in grills and rangetops to stand alone pizza ovens, we create exciting entertaining spaces.

Every project starts with special consideration to controls/panel accessibility, proximity to counters and openings like windows to help optimise the install in your indoor/outdoor kitchen.

Commercial Gas Range Installations

In demanding commercial settings, appliance performance and reliability is crucial to keeping businesses running. Proper setup that follows safety and compliance standards is just as important. Our experienced technicians handle professional installations of:

  • Restaurant-Grade Pro Ranges - Heavy duty with specific ventilation needs and piped gas connections to handle peak loads.
  • High Power Griddles and Cooktops - Rapid heating open tops ideal for fast paced environments needing versatility and temperature control.
  • Durable Catering Equipment - Transportable ovens that can cook reliably on propane tanks make catering events simpler.
Outdoor Hospitality Equipment - Withstand weather and provide quick heating like infrared charbroilers for steakhouses.

Replacing Your Gas Stove Regulator

The gas regulator ensures your stove receives gas from the supply line at the optimal stable pressure (generally 4 inch-W.C.) for proper burner functioning. Over years of use, regulators can wear out requiring replacement to maintain cooking performance.

Signs your stove's regulator needs replacing include:

  • Burners ignition problems or uneven flame heights
  • Pilots failing to stay lit
  • Significantly slower cooking times
  • Excess noise or rattling from regulator

If your regulator shows these warning signs, our technicians can replace your existing unit with an equivalent new regulator sized appropriately for your stove's specifications and fuel type. After securely attaching all gas connections properly, a complete operational test is done checking for optimal gas flow. We'll diagnose other potential issues and fine-tune adjustments so your appliance functions like normal.

Gas Oven Installation

In addition to gas stoves, we also handle any type of gas oven installation or replacement including:

  • Single and Double Built-In Ovens - Install side-by-side or one above another with all vents/switches accessible.
  • Convection Ovens - Re-circulate hot air keeping pastry crusts crisp while yielding tender interiors.
  • Combination Steam Ovens - Offering moisture-preserving steam cooking options in addition to traditional bake modes.
  • Microwave Ovens - Rapidly heat pre-cooked foods with adjustable racks as part of cabinetry or trim kits.

Every last detail is taken into account by our professionals, including insulation and airspace around gas stoves so they can operate as intended without problems or hazards. 

Gas Oven & Stove Installation Process

Our comprehensive installation process won’t leave anything up to chance. Here’s how we handle a seamless install: 

Initial Consultation  
Discuss appliance specifications and installation constraints upfront to create a plan.

Site Inspection and Prep
Confirm adequate hookups/venting and protect existing kitchen elements.

Securing Appliances
Properly mount securely using anti-tip brackets to prevent movement and ensure stability.

Gas, Electrical and Plumbing Connections
Link appliances seamlessly and safely to utilities.

Leak Checks
Use pressure gauges and bubble solution to verify all fittings are air-tight before startup.

Test Operation
Turn on burners, ovens and adjust knobs, pilots and thermostats to ensure flawless functioning.

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Gas Stove Installation FAQs

Do you install both propane and natural gas appliances?

Yes, we are highly experienced with both propane and natural gas appliances. We ensure the appropriate hookups, fittings and any necessary venting is in place per manufacturer guidelines during installation.

Do you modify gas lines or add new connections?

Absolutely. We handle any gas line additions or rerouting needed to serve new ovens/ranges as part of a seamless installation. This includes flexible connectors, calculating BTU loads and system integration.

Are permits or inspections required for your gas appliance installations?

Yes, we obtain all the necessary permits and schedule inspections as needed based on local regulations and codes to approve any stove or oven gas and electrical connections we complete.

How do you ensure safety for gas stove installations?

Rigorous leak checks, ventilation and hood requirements, anti-tip bracketing, verification of safety valves/switches and adherence to the latest regulations are all part of our strict safety protocol.

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