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Troubleshooting Your Instant Electric Hot Water System

Having issues with your hot water? Like any system in your home – your instant electric hot water heater can have problems and need attention. Knowing how to troubleshoot your electric hot water system can help you understand if the culprit is a minor fix or a bigger undertaking.

This troubleshooting guide will go over a list of solutions to the most common issues with instant electric hot water systems so you can get back to having hot water in your home.

How Does an Instant Electric Hot Water System Work?

Instant electric water heaters warm up water on demand instead of requiring a storage tank. Cold water enters the compact system and an electric heating element instantly increases temperature as water flows past. You’ll have hot water continuously.

Activation only occurs when a hot tap gets turned on versus traditional tanks continually maintaining hot water temperatures.

The Most Common Problems With Instant Electric Hot Water Heaters

Start troubleshooting your system here. The following are the most common problems our customers have with their instant electric hot water systems.

No hot water flowing through the tap

Are you noticing cold water coming through your tap? This could suggest an issue with the heating element. Here are some things to investigate:

Check the power supply – First and foremost, make sure the power is turned on and working properly.

Check the water supply – Is the water supply valve open or is there a blockage? If there’s a blockage, you’ll need help from a plumber.

Assess the heating element – If your heating element or burner has a problem, that could be the reason for cold water. Ensure the burner is clean and free of debris. If it’s dirty, gently wipe it with a soft brush and some water. A damaged element will need to be replaced.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can make it impossible to use the plumbing fixtures and appliances in your home. There are a few reasons the pressure might be low:

Dirty aerator – Unscrew the aerator from the faucet and rinse it under water. Remove any sediment or debris gently with a small cleaning brush. Then reattach it to the faucet.

Dirty filter – After turning off water and power supply to the unit, remove the filter and clean any debris or sediment. Reattach the filter and turn back on your water supply.

Issues with pressure regulator – Issues with the pressure regulator should be handled by a licensed plumber.

Intermittent hot water

If your hot water intermittently turns cold during use and doesn’t maintain a steady water temperature, check the following:

Temperature setting – The temperature setting on your unit may need to be adjusted. Check the manufacturer’s instruction guide for how to change it.

Filter – Turn off the power & water supply to the water heater and remove the filter. clean any debris or sediment. Reattach the filter and turn back on your water and power supply.

Thermostat – It’s possible that the thermostat or temperature sensor is malfunctioning. Call a plumber to diagnose this issue and replace these components.

Leaking water heater

Leaks are never a good sign and need to be evaluated promptly. Here’s what to do if you notice a leak:

Shut off water and power supply – Turn off the water and power supply immediately to your instant electric hot water system to prevent further damage. Call a plumber.

Look around the unit – Check around the unit to see if you can identify visible signs or damage or corrosion. If you find any loose connections or fittings, tighten them.

Still Confused or Have Another Issue?

An instant electric hot water system in Brisbane

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