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Signs of a Blocked Storm Water Drain

A Blocked Storm Water Drain Could Lead to Major Problems

Spring is just arriving here in Brisbane, and with springtime comes storms and showers. That means it’s critical to ensure your home’s drainage system is in working order. If your storm drain is blocked, excess water can create major issues for your home when heavy rains arrive. These issues will only worsen over time—so learning the signs of a blocked storm water drain can help protect your home.

At S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, our goal is to keep customers well informed about how to keep their plumbing and drainage systems in good working order. Storm drains are an often overlooked part of your home, but they’re no less important. Here’s what you need to know about taking care of your storm drains.

Signs of a Blocked Storm Water Drain

If your storm drains are blocked, there are a few telltale signs you can look for.

Storm Grates Overflowing

The first place you can look is your storm grates. These lead to drains that direct water away from your property, usually toward natural bodies of water nearby. When the storm drain is blocked, however, the water has nowhere to go, resulting in pooling or ponding water over or near your storm grates.

Gutters Overflowing

In some cases, your gutters may lead directly to your storm drains. If this is the case, a blockage will become evident when your gutters begin overflowing. Of course, gutters may overflow due to debris or blockages in the gutters themselves, but this may also occur due to a blocked storm drain.

Is a Blocked Storm Water Drain a Problem?

If you have a blocked storm drain, this can lead to major problems as excess water from rainfall will no longer follow its intended path away from your home. Instead, water may go to any number of places where it isn’t supposed to, resulting in several potential problems. 

Foundation Issues

Without properly functioning gutters and storm drains, rainwater is likely to collect near your home. This may lead to it running down your home’s foundation and causing issues, or even eating away at the foundation itself.

Backyard Flooding

A blocked storm drain will eventually overflow with water. That water will then find the lowest nearby point, which may be in your yard itself. Water flooding your yard can kill grass and leave you with a muddy mess.

Water in Basement

While most homes here in Brisbane lack basements, some do have them. If this is the case for yours, it’s even more critical to protect your home from rainwater, as storm drainage failures can lead to basement flooding.

What Do I Do If My Storm Drain Is Blocked?

If you have a blocked storm drain, it’s best to get in touch with a plumbing expert. Blockages can be tricky to diagnose and resolve for those who aren’t professionals, and a plumber will be able to address the problem much more efficiently—without causing further problems with your home’s drainage system.

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As spring starts in Brisbane, it’s more important than ever to make sure your home’s storm drains are all operating as they should. If you’ve noticed signs of a blocked storm drain, it’s crucial to call a plumbing expert right away to avoid major problems.

At S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, our team of experienced professionals can quickly identify and resolve any drainage issues you may be facing. Our team responds quickly, provides friendly service, and will make sure your home’s drainage system is operating as it should.

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