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What to Do In A Plumbing Emergency

At some point in your life, you can bet you are going to encounter a problem with your plumbing. But while some issues can be fixed by calling a plumber during business hours, some plumbing problems need an immediate solution. These are the times when you are going to need to call in an emergency plumber.

What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

A Burst Water Pipe

A burst water pipe is very easy to identify as this tends to lead to water leaking through your home. When a pipe bursts it can cause a surprise leak that can cause large amounts of damage to your home and an excessive water bill. If you identify a burst water pipe, it is important to contact a plumber immediately.

Blocked Pipes

A blocked pipe, especially in the bathroom can be a major issue. Although a blocked pipe may begin as a minor issue that you can fix with a plunger, it can escalate into something much more serious. A blocked pipe can be caused by anything from food waste to toilet paper build-up and some simple ways to spot a blocked pipe are:

  • Water backup in your sinks or showers
  • Bubbling noises from your toilet or it making weird noises when you flush
  • Bad smells coming from your sink
  • Unidentifiable puddles near water appliances.

Overflowing Sewer Line

A broken sewer line can cause a lot of issues and damage to either your house. It can lead to harmful bacteria in your home and can smell terrible. The main ways to identify broken or overflowing sewer pipes are:

  • Extra green patches of grass
  • Indentations in your garden
  • Mould problems
  • Sewage Odours

Due to the dangers that can be associated with broken or damaged sewer lines, it is extremely important to get them fixed as soon as possible.

So What Do You Do?

1. Assess

The first step with a plumbing emergency is to assess the problem. To do this you should try to identify the area in which the issue has occurred. You will want to turn off the water valve to your home as soon as possible. This is generally located on the water meter and once you find it you should immediately shut the water off. Though this will not fix the issue it should prevent further damage.

You should then see if this is an issue you can fix without calling a plumber. Is it something you can use a plunger to fix or simply a tap that needs to be tightened? In that case, try to resolve the issue yourself but note that this may only be a temporary fix which means you will need to call a plumber during business hours. However, if it is something that you cannot fix, it is time to call in an emergency plumber.

2. Check Up on Plumber Credentials

It is important to check up on the credentials of your plumber. Not only should you make sure that they are licensed and have insurance but also check how they fare online. See if they have positive reviews on their Google Maps listing and whether they have responded to any negative comments against their business. When you book in with the plumber remember to check with them regarding their licensing and insurance.

3. Give Them a Call

When you call an emergency plumber they should be picking up the phone, if they don’t answer you should move on to the next plumber on your list. If they are promising to be there in an emergency then step one for them is making sure that they pick up the phone. You should also ensure that you check some important facts with them:

  1. How Quickly Can They Arrive? The plumber should be able to provide a reasonable time frame in which they will arrive and let you know how long you might be waiting. Plumbing is unpredictable and it can happen that you encounter a plumber who might have a bit of a wait before they can get to you.
  2. Ask If They Do Follow Up. Your emergency plumber may be able to do an immediate fix but should also be able to provide follow up servicing. If the job is something that can have a temporary fix at 3 am but will require some additional work in the future, you want to make sure that the plumber you have hired is able to entirely resolve the issue.
  3. Ask The Cost. Make sure that the plumber is able to provide a rough estimate over the phone. Whether it is a price range or a minimum price, make sure that they are able to provide a price. Additionally, once the plumber arrives, discuss with them that they get approval before any additional work that may add to the price tag.

Need an Emergency Plumber? Reach Out to S & J Plumbing

If you have a plumbing emergency, the expert team at S&J Plumbing are here to help! Our expert team has over two decades of experience and are available to help with your plumbing problem 24/7. Contact our team today to get your plumbing emergency in Brisbane fixed!

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