July 27

What Are No-Dig Repairs When It Comes To Underground Piping?

Does the thought of having trenches dug up in your carefully maintained front yard make you shudder. Or does the hassle and potentially high cost of cutting up sections of your driveway shy you away from undertaking much-needed plumbing repairs? Enter no-dig repairs. An efficient and cost-effective alternative to repairing your underground pipes.

What Exactly Are No-dig Repairs?

No-dig repairs are a way to fix leaks in your underground plumbing without the need for excavations. There are a few different methods behind no-dig repairs depending on your situation. Minor leaks could benefit from Pipe Patching, a method of feeding a spot patch into the point of your leak. Ageing pipes that are showing multiple signs of wear will benefit from Inversion Pipe Relining; a process by which a new lining is blown into your pipe and cured to form a new seal along the full length of your pipe. While digging up your yard is a difficult and time-consuming process, accessing plumbing located under your concrete slab is near impossible. Where previously bypass work would be undertaken that is often unsightly and destructive, no-dig repairs can provide an inexpensive alternative that repairs your existing pipes.

What Equipment Is Used In No-dig Repairs?

No-dig repairs utilise our CCTV drain inspection technology to assess your plumbing. This way we are able to diagnose the problem without excavation and recommend a solution using our no-dig technology. A small portion of the pipe will need to be removed from where we will access your pipes from. From there we will feed the new patch or lining into the pipe. Once completed, we replace the portion of the pipe, fitted to make sure it matches the existing pipe. This means minimal impact on the aesthetics of your house and much quicker turnaround times.

What Are The Benefits Of No-dig Repairs For Underground Piping?

Not all plumbing issues can be solved by no-dig repairs. However, given that no-dig repairs are less expensive, easier to undertake and have shorter turnaround times while offering similar quality, they are the preferred method for both plumbers and customers alike. Plumbing work requiring excavation is costly and time-consuming. The time and effort required to dig and repair trenches can be highly destructive and often pipes have been laid under fences, driveways or even house footings and slabs. At the least, nobody likes seeing their carefully maintained garden being dug up. Excavation machinery is often outsourced, leaving a plumber susceptible to equipment hire limitations such as unavailability, delays and extra costs.

As no construction machinery is required for a no-dig repair, it means project management is in the hands of the plumber. It also means that smaller areas can be accessed, such as courtyards or between buildings. All this adds up to a quick, easy and environmentally friendly solution to your plumbing problems, meaning it is cheaper and less disruptive.

Need Some No-dig Repairs? Call S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting

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