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6 Signs You Have a Blocked Sewer 

A Blocked Sewer Is Unpleasant—and Urgent. Here Are Signs to Watch For

Any form of blocked drain is a major plumbing issue, but few things are more unpleasant—or more urgent to fix—than a blocked sewer drain. Sewage needs somewhere to go, and failing to address a blocked sewer can leave you with severe sanitation problems and a disgusting mess in your home.

At S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, we’ve seen firsthand that the faster major plumbing issues are identified, the sooner they can be fixed. This helps to avert most major issues that could arise as a result of not fixing a blocked sewer drain. So to help you act quickly, here are some of the major signs to watch for.

Gurgling Sinks

A gurgling sink is a classic sign that you have a blocked drain. For the most part, this will be caused by a blockage in the sink itself, whether from built up hair, food waste, grease, or other materials.

However, gurgling or slow-draining sinks can also point to a much more serious issue with your sewage system. Poor ventilation in your sewer lines can lead to poor drainage, as sewer gasses cannot be released and air cannot do its job in creating suction for your sink. While a single gurgling sink is likely an isolated issue, multiple drains in your home draining slowly and producing sounds may point to a blocked sewer.

Overflowing Outdoor Drains

Blocked or broken sewer lines mean water needs to find an alternate route out of your home. Depending on where the blockage is, this can lead to overflowing outdoor drains, as water flows out into your yard.

Various signs can indicate that this is happening. The most obvious is pools of water developing in your yard. You may also notice pits in your yard, or even cave-ins in extreme cases. Finally, while your grass may be green and lush already, particularly green areas of grass may indicate a drainage issue. 

Blocked Toilets

Much like your sinks, blocked or slow-draining toilets can point to a blocked sewer. While toilets can clog for all sorts of reasons, a widespread issue with multiple toilets in your home likely point to a more systemic problem. 

Water Backed Up

Ultimately, your sewer system gives waste water from your home someplace to go. When you have a blocked sewer drain, though, this rerouting of water becomes difficult, or even impossible, for your plumbing system. 

As a result, you’re likely to see water beginning to accumulate in various drains throughout your home. This can include sinks, shower drains, and more—but the key is if you notice this becoming a widespread issue.

Recurring Blockages

Some blockages can be cleared by a handy homeowner, though we almost always recommend leaving blockages to the pros. Still, plunging your toilet is a common way to resolve this issue without the need for a professional to get involved, and there are few things more rewarding than fixing something like this DIY.

Until the next time you flush your toilet, and it happens again. And again. Or when, after removing a significant clump of hair from your sink or shower drain, water still drains slowly next week. 

Recurrent blockages often point to a problem farther down the line in your home’s plumbing, such as a blocked sewer. If DIY remedies simply aren’t solving blockages for more than a few days, it’s likely time to call a plumber.

Foul Odor

Throughout all of this, a foul odor is one of the most instantly identifiable signs of a blocked sewer. While multiple plumbing issues can be smelly, few things are as foul as a sewage smell. If you notice a distinct odor of sewage near any drains in your home, it’s time to call a plumber immediately. This is especially the case if you notice the foul odor in combination with any of the above issues.

Call S&J If You Spot Signs of a Blocked Sewer!

While there are some clear, recognisable signs of a blocked sewer you may be able to spot yourself, the truth is that plumbing issues beyond simple blockages can be tricky to diagnose properly. 

Here at S&J Plumbing and Gasfitting, we’re Brisbane’s go-to experts for identifying, diagnosing, and resolving even the trickiest plumbing issues. If you’re noticing signs that your sewer system isn’t functioning properly, it’s crucial to get the problem solved right away. Get in touch with our team here at S&J to schedule an appointment!

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