January 12

The Benefits Of Trenchless Drain Relining

Every plumbing system around your home will need repairs from time to time. That also goes for things like water and sewer lines that run through your yard and are affected by vehicle traffic, tree root intrusion, shifting soil and simple old age. It used to be the case that repairing a broken or leaking drain line meant expensive excavation and pipe replacements, but modern plumbing techniques now allow for trenchless drain relining that’s far less intrusive.

With some specialist equipment, a plumber can locate and repair the cracks and leaks that occur in drain lines, even when they are hidden in the yard or under your home’s concrete slab. An expanding sleeve is inserted into the pipe, inflated until it touches the walls and then the resin is cured to create a strong and durable pipe repair that comes along with more than a few benefits for homeowners and businesses alike.

1. Reduced Cost

The major benefit of trenchless drain relining is the cost.

Traditional pipe repairs required that your plumber excavates along the leaking pipe to find the cracked or broken section. The extra work created by digging to find your pipes can be significant, especially when machinery like excavators is brought in to access sewer lines that are buried more than half a metre underground. Remember, digging out a pipe to repair it also means having to clear away the soil from around and underneath the broken section, which usually needs to be done with hard work and hand tools.

Trenchless pipe relining avoids the need for expensive and time-consuming digging. Using state of the art CCTV drain cameras, a plumber can locate the leak in a pipe and then repair it without having to dig major trenches, making it the most cost-effective solution for most types of drain repair.

2. Durability

The resins used in drain relining is tough and formulated specifically to work as a long-term repair to your plumbing. Depending on the exact product used, you can expect a quality pipe reliner that has been properly installed to last for 50 years or more. Especially in cases where your pipes have been cracked by moving earth or tree roots, pipe relining is a great way of strengthening your plumbing and helping prevent further damage in that area as the soil or tree roots continue to move and change.

3. Quick Turnaround

Pipe relining is a relatively straightforward process and in most cases, it can be completed quickly. Avoiding the need for time-consuming digging allows for your plumbing to be returned to working order in much less time than with older methods.

For businesses this means it’s easy to schedule repair work around your opening hours or shift times, minimising the disruption to your customers. For homeowners, it means you won’t need to spend days hauling your own water or living in a hotel while your drains are repaired.

4. Easy Access to Any Pipes

Some of your home’s plumbing is easy to access. Lots of it is hidden underground, sometimes crossing beneath things like concrete slabs and driveways, fences, garden beds and lawns. Having to dig through these things to repair a pipe is extremely destructive and only adds to the expense of the repair. Drain relining provides easy access to most pipes with only a small amount of digging, sparing garden beds and footpaths from the need to be disrupted and then repaired.

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